Potholes Can Cause

Injury Or Death

Unfilled potholes can cause vehicle damage, loss of vehicle control and traffic accidents. Pothole related accidents can go as far as resulting in human injury and death. Potholes are particularly dangerous in rainy weather where they are difficult to differentiate from puddles, so avoiding potholes can be difficult or impossible

Pothole Surveying Is

Slow and Costly

Pothole detection is typically done manually. When one is found, the patrol vehicle stops to note down the necessary details. Otherwise two people are needed; one to drive and the other to record details. Human error can cause missed potholes or misrecorded details. The process is slow and costly, and needs to be done regularly

Other Methods Are

Not Cost-Effective

After extensive research and analysis, we've found that cost-effectiveness was the biggest barrier for towns and cities to switch over to new pothole detection systems. We are confident that ROVER will offer more value than its competitors for a fraction of the cost